Surf's Up . . . Again
An Independence Party Bedtime Story

Joseph Tiraco

When the big bad wolf jumped out of grandma's clothes and chased Little Red Riding Hood around the bed, a friendly neighborhood ax man burst in and dispatched the wolf in the neck of time. Alone in the dark, snuggled deep under the covers, did you ever wonder, what if the ax man was late to work? or suppose he was just another wolf in ax man's clothes and the ax was . . . well, for Little Red Riding Hood.   Scarey huh?

In politics, especially Queens politics, where wolves wear business suits and the flock is tended for meat rather then wool, anybody and anything might get chopped up and swallowed; for instance, the Independence Party of Queens, the number three ballot line - Row C at the ballot box - chopped up to provide crutches for unstable incumbent politicians far less noble then wolves, defenestrating even the fig leaves of common decency.

While Communists are presently viewed as mere urticants of the body politic, their penetration into the Independence Party is disconcertingly deep, with control of the State Committee estimated (by the Independence Party in march 2000 on their website, as not in excess of 20 percent of the party. The total Independence Party statewide enrollment is about 200,000 voters, and in Queens, about 9,000. Of course, the actual number of Communists in the Independence Party is under one percent. So why is their influence at least twenty times greater then their membership?

Using tactics redolent of Communist labor union takeovers in the 1950s, their minions fanout and dupe unwary voters, calling on them to sign petitions and perform civic duties, but the material aspects are concealed.

The very goodness of the Independence Party, the willingness of the average enrolled voter to exercise civic responsibility, becomes the engine of its destruction. The Communists seize key posts, solicit and rule by proxy votes, infiltrate, penetrate, appropriate; by this furtive doctrine, they have become many times greater then the sum of their parts. In the past few months, they have realized astonishing gains in power and influence, enough to seize in its entirety ballot line "C" throughout Queens county, and incidently, a substantial sum of the $12.6 million in federal dollars earmarked for the Reform Party presidential campaign. The money will prosper the Communist movement, and by the specter of success, attract the young in large numbers to extremist philosophies and meretricious candidates. Unhappy news for Queens residents who have to cope with a new threat to their youth.

Least you think the author is pining for a quondam era when people checked under the bed for Commies, a close look at their modern day counterparts may induce instant nostalgia for Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Self proclaimed Marxists, Lenora Fulani and Fred Newman, have maneuvered their socialist cult to the very heart of the Independence Party. Using a hook they call psychotherapy, and the promise of easy sex for insiders and vitriol hatred for outsiders - especially Jews, the confused and weak minded are ensnared. Since all politics is in some measure cultist by nature, the Fulani-Newman cult can with relative impunity feast on the flesh of a nascent party that has neither the skill or resources to cope with the parasites. The danger is twice acute, as the Independence Party is not just a young party, but juvenility personified, infused with a steady stream of first time voters - kids looking for alternatives to mainstream monolithic parties, fertile fields for a bruiting Communist cult.

Cope we must, and not just as a small third party, but by society at large. Political parties can not expel members unless they are convicted felons having spent at least one year in prison. The inner workings of a cult are as inscrutable as the mechanics of the human mind, but at least one facet is glaring - cult leaders, from the Reverend Moon to David Koresh and all in between, are fanatics - uncompromising in their pursuits. To give a ballot line to such people is sheer lunacy. That Queens is the soil in which this cult flourishes is illustrative of the dregs to which machine politics has sunk the borough. The Independence Party does not belong to the 50 or so Fulani-Newman cult members, but to 9,000 enrolled voters in Queens; and yet, this borough, renowned for its wide spread home ownership and well ordered communities, mired in moribund politics, will have candidates selected not by merit and debate, but by an anti-Semitic Communist cult with which the middle class residents have nothing in common. With perhaps the greatest ethnic diversity on earth, a robust, all inclusive third party could be a boon to the public life of Queens, and certainly, a worthy achievement to contemplate.

Depressingly sad is the surprising number of Queens politicians who have carried petitions for cult members, and worse, partner with the cult in exchange for Fulani-Newman support; apparently, machine politicians can not fathom why so evanescent a commodity as a conscience should stand between themselves and a second ballot line. A chief disappointment is the powerful chairman of the State Election Committee, Senator Serf Maltese.

Once upon a time, there was a fledgling named Independence who lived in Forest Hills. Red, a Marxist-Socialist from across the river, captured the rumbustious scamp, and kept him in a cage to perform for her pleasure.

But Independence had friends that wanted him to fly free. So a rescue plan was hatched, and aid enlisted from the powerful Queens senator who chaired a committee to keep fledglings like Independence out of cages.

When Red took her caged prisoner to see the senator, he smacked his lips, and hacked off a chunk of Independence for himself. After the burp, it was off to bed; he wore grandma's clothes and Red brought her whip. The Communist and the Conservative lived comfortably ever after . . .

. . . or at least until New York State term limits are voted in.

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September 2000

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